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On the evening of Tuesday 8th March, Fernande van Schelle (2000 Leaver), Chair of the Calne Girls' Association, gave a talk with Phoebe Aldridge (2017 Leaver) to our current UVI (Year 13) about the benefits of being an alumna, and introduced them all to the wider 'Calne Community'.

Fernande gave a quick history of her own journey beyond Calne and how much she gained from her time at St Mary's, as well as how it helped shape her future. She also spoke about the financial support the Calne Girls' Association give to reunions, school events, publications, lectures, career guidance, sponsorship and bursary funding. Fernande was joined by Phoebe Aldridge (2017 Leaver), who is a member of the CGA commitee - and was in UVI when the current girls were in MIV (Year 8)! Both alumnae spoke of the confidence, self-belief and wide horizons that a St Mary's alumna has - recognising the strong networking opportunities that are available to them by being part of the Calne community.

Caroline Wrench, Alumnae Relations Manager, gave a brief introduction to Calne Connected - the CGA's new website and networking platform for all alumnae. The UVI pupils were encouraged to sign up and begin to explore all the contacts, ideas and support available including guidance and first-hand experience of university and degree choices, vocational and professional work experience, mentoring and networking offers.

In summary, our current UVI girls were reminded that once they leave St Mary's, they are part of a vibrant, energitic, supportive and lively community of alumnae who are ready to share, support and guide.