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On 17th March, some of the Head Girl's Team and other members of the UVI (Year 13) began work on the new garden (next to the Science Labs) as part of the HGT Eco Initiative. The UVI have all been very keen to increase biodiversity and environmental awareness in school over the past year, and so the creation of the new garden has been a very exciting prospect.

After much time spent planning and building the foundations of the new garden, we were finally able to begin the planting process, which will continue after the Easter holidays. During this session, we worked as a team to put in the potatoes, carrots, kale, leeks, and a plethora of other herbs including thyme, mint and rosemary. The brilliant weather and much appreciated help from Bob and Alex made for a lovely time. All the girls thoroughly enjoyed this break from revision and are very excited by the prospect of the plum tree which we will be planting when we return after Easter.

Isla, UVI