minecraft  donaldson week tnOn Monday 14th February, LIV (Year 7) students enjoyed an hour of Minecraft Education building turtle sanctuaries and designing a biome for these lovely creatures.

For some of the students, this was the first contact with Minecraft Education Edition and it was a good starting point before they take on coding in this platform in the Summer Term. Coding in Minecraft uses Blockly and Python and full licences will be available later in the year. In the meantime, girls can use their 10 access sessions and complete one of the adventures listed below during the holidays in the Minecraft app (the Minecraft for Education app is installed and available on the students’ iPads, provided by school).:

- Ancient Egypt: https://education.minecraft.net/world/f473f5de-f35f-46bd-ad2f-2acca1faab4e
- Exploring Florence: https://education.minecraft.net/world/c2a2ef93-3029-485c-a6ba-b39233f3e32d
- Explore the Round City of Baghdad: https://education.minecraft.net/world/8a3510cf-2c7e-4f2a-b3a2-c210539efa45

Mr Hugo Corripio-Lopez, Head of Computer Science