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On Sunday, 6th March LIV (Year 7) and MIV (Year 8) participated in a sponsored walk to raise funds for The Harbour Project.

Eleanor (LIV - Year 7) shares her account of the walk:

'After a delicious breakfast of waffles and fruit, we headed up to Bowood. The LIV were joined by Mrs Muir, Ms Palfreyman, Mrs Hayes and Mrs Bolton and the MIV. We were also accompanied by some adorable four-legged friends: Daisy, Jimmy Giles, Manuka and Molly. I walked with Alice and Lucy, we all enjoyed the beautiful scenery through the woods on the outskirts of the Bowood estate.

When we all arrived at the lake, we tucked into the Mars Bars that Mrs Bolton had kindly brought. We had an amazing view of the lake and we even saw Bowood House. We saw someone fishing and then we started to head back. My legs were starting to ache, so at one point Alice and I sat on a log. In the woodlands, we saw so many different types of plants and trees and I really loved it there.

When we got out of the woods and we were back where we started, our boots were covered in mud and we were ready to get back to school!

We are very proud to have raised £3,280 for the Harbour Project.'