bacchae tnOn Thursday 27th January, Sixth Form and UV Classicists went to watch a performance of Euripides’ Bacchae at Warwick University.

Dr Emmanuela Bakola introduced the play and its themes, drawing attention to the antitheses reconciled in the character of Dionysus and the impressive power of nature overcoming the Greek city of Thebes.

The play itself was full of singing, dancing, laughter and pathos. The students were especially struck by the memorable performances from Pentheus and Tiresias, and how the director had tried to make the singing of the chorus fit with the tragic nature of the play. At the end, with the blood and the gore of Pentheus’ body on full display, Agave brought the show to a compelling climax with her lamenting. Comedic and chilling by turns, this was an outstanding first Greek drama experience for the students.