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As part of Charity Week, LVI (Year 12) hosted a Sixth Form and staff 'Casino Night' on the evening of 5th March to raise money for the Harbour Project.

Anna shares her experience of the night:

'As part of Charity Week we decided to put on a Sixth Form and staff Casino night to raise money for the great cause of the Harbour Project. Each ticket cost £15 which included drinks, snacks and 20 chips to play with. Each ticket paid for a session at the Harbour Project. Overall, we raised around £650 for an amazing and very deserving cause.

We thought this would be a an enjoyable way to raise money - it was an event different to anything else we had previously had before at school. It was great fun to dress up in black tie with the odd slipper here and there, and have a more formal evening with plenty of fun in support of a great cause. Everyone seemed to have a good time and enjoyed the range of games we had on offer from roulette to poker to blackjack.

We made cheat sheets beforehand and taught people how to play all the different games throughout the night, as we anticiapted some people may not know how to play them. So not only did people have a good time, but they were also able to have a go at something new and learn some new skills. Everyone was presented with 20 chips (all with the value of one) and the aim was to win as many more as possible. Our winner of the evening won a grand total of 75 chips and won a £20 Asos voucher.

Everyone had an excellent time and it was great to see everyone getting stuck in, even those who lost all their chips!'