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On Tuesday 15th February, MIV (Year 8) headed to London for a day exploring the Science Museum and they also visited the Goethe-Insitut London.

'We had such an amazing day in London, starting at the Science Museum. It was so much fun going round and looking at all the interesting facts and sculptures, as well as all of the interactive games! One of our favourite parts was the space room where we saw all of these incredible projected planets on the walls. To finish the day, we went to the Goethe-Institut where the German learners watched a German movie and then we all had a talk, followed by a quiz and some activities with an former Calne girl (Izzie Fielden-Page), who now studies German Law at UCL. It was really interesting hearing about her journey through Calne to now studying German and she gave us many tips. We were really surprised at how many people speak German worldwide and how important this language is. It was such a great day and we all learnt so much!'

Coco and Willa, MIV.