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The MIV (Year 8) were extremely fortunate to have the inspirational Meera Pandya, founder of Mojakid, speak with them in their Geography lessons last week.

MIV are currently studying the economic, social and environmental aspects of Sustainable Fashion, and Meera was ideally positioned to work with them in developing their understanding of the sustainable fashion world. Her company, Mojakid, designs ethical, sustainable, and on-trend clothing for children and young people. She spoke about her journey so far and how she conceived the company, the way in which she designs and produces her clothing, what questions to ask when shopping to ensure you are buying sustainable clothing and the common practice of greenwashing by companies.

The students asked insightful and well-informed questions and truly benefited from the workshop. This was a fully enriching experience; an engaging and thought-provoking talk from an entrepreneur who is truly walking her talk!