mun tnOn the weekend commencing 5th March, four members of the LVI (Year 12) represented St Mary’s at the annual Model United Nations (MUN) conference in Bath, hosted by Kingswood School.

This incredible experience allowed the students to replicate the United Nations gaining knowledge on diplomacy and public speaking as well as being fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to offer solutions to real-world problems. This included tackling vital and contemporary issues involving the illegal drugs' trade and forced labour with the economics committee and discussing vaccine nationalisation and improving mental health with the health committee, acting as delegates from the constituencies of South Africa and Portugal. The students were allowed to present amendments and debate clauses in order to form suitable resolutions to these current global issues, for which there was then a final vote for whether the resolution was passed or not. After having discussed problems relevant to their individual committees, a final ceremony took place with all the members, to provide an emergency resolution for the Chinese occupation of the Kinmen Island, which was peacefully agreed upon. Overall, it was a very enlightening and inspiring weekend.

Daisy (LVI)