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On 31st January, St Mary’s Mandarin learners celebrated the Chinese New Year with a Chinese social supper in Top Hall.

UVI (Year 13) students Christy, Dora, Elan and Lauren organised the festivities and the girls enjoyed a fantastic evening of delicious Chinese food to see in the Year of the Tiger. There were many Chinese dishes, biscuits (such as rice crackers), sweets (such as ‘white rabbit’ sweets), and the popular ‘bubble tea’ with traditional Chinese music in the background. Everyone enjoyed this cultural event and learnt more about the Chinese traditions and the school is also looking very festive, thanks to our MFL team!

1st February 2022 marks the beginning of the Year of Tiger, a zodiac animal associated with strength, bravery and confidence. The New Year, also known in China as 'Spring Festival,' is widely celebrated in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and the Chinese community in the world.

The girls commented:

'It was lovely to have a special supper to celebrate Chinese New Year. After not being able to celebrate Chinese New Year last year as a school community due to global pandemic, it was a great opportunity for different year groups to mix and form a community. For supper, we all ate yummy Chinese food delivered from the Chinese takeaway restaurant in Calne. The wide range of food was delicious, as well as the Chinese snacks that were given out after supper. For everyone within the school community, it was so enjoyable to give recognition to how important Chinese New Year is. I am looking forward to participating in Chinese New Year activities over the course of the coming weeks.' (Sylvie, LVI, Year 12)

'The evening truly captured the joy that Chinese new year brings and the importance of the festival. It gave all of us the opportunity to celebrate as a school community and enjoy the Chinese New Year festivities. Since we had no celebrations last year due to the pandemic, it was a good chance to come together again for this and celebrate as a community. (Farley, LVI ,Year 12)

We wish everyone in the St Mary's Calne community a very happy and healthy Year of the Tiger!