absolute defence tnOn Saturday 7th May several LVI (Year 12) students had an energetic morning of self defence delivered by Major Ollie Braithwaite, the CEO of Absolute Defence.

The session contained an enlightening mixture of the theory behind self-defence and life skills, which was then followed by practical physical defence strategies. The students learnt how to escape from a range of restraints and how to disarm an attacker, if there is no option for escape. The session is designed by Absolute Defence for students who are reaching the end of their school careers and are embarking on the next stages in life, whether that be gap years, university or work placements. By the end of the morning, the LVI had learnt techniques to overcome threats that they could be faced with when stepping out into the wider world.

The feedback from the students was really positive and indicated just how useful they found the theory and practical elements of the session:
'I really enjoyed the course, it was engaging and really helped me to feel more comfortable when walking around the city, as I am now aware of potential threats and how to prevent them. I would 100% do the longer course and also recommend it to others.'

The second half of the year group will have the same session on the 14th May.