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Results of the Maths in Motion Race 4 were in this week. Stakes were high with rewards for the top three engineers, and a treat for the top scoring form. Beana T managed a respectable 10th place in the schools' competition out of a field of 121 entries.

I was delighted to award the swirl lollies to the top three engineers for this Paul Ricard race: Beana T (1st place), Alice S (2nd place) and Sarina L (3rd place). Congratulations to all members of LIV W for scoring the most points. The key to this particular race was to produce a very balanced car which could need less pit stops for tyre changes due to degradation. Those who checked the simulator engineer report and acted on its advice also did better.

Maths in Motion will be launching an end-of-season race with a brand new track based in Iceland ( after which we will be awarding the 'Best of St Mary’s MiM' trophy. Entries will open on 30th May, so students can use some of their holiday time to start their planning, perhaps getting some advice from interested parents in this area of Maths/Engineering/Computing.

Happy racing!

Mr Corripio-Lopez, Head of Computer Science