mathsinmotionspawinner tnThe Maths in Motion Spa race took place on 9th May and our data analysts/engineers did very well in the national standings, with Tabitha (LIV - Year 7) gaining an impressive 11th place out of a field of over 100 competitors.

She is a worthy winner of the Belgian chocolate box trophy and I hope she will enjoy this sweet moment of glory. In her own words, the secret to this Spa circuit was 'performing really well in the tight bends…'

The next race is now open for the following two weeks. We travel to Marseille, France for a fairly sunny race with 61 laps. Fuel calculations and getting the tyre strategy right will be key to this event, with the chance to win the giant swirl lollipop trophy! The top three engineers will qualify for the award.

A top tip from Mr Lopez: pay great attention to your engine temperature and tyre wear, keeping them both in the low orange band - this will be key to a good race finish.

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Mr Hugo Corripio-Lopez, Head of Computer Science