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This is the final news piece on Maths in Motion this academic year, and we are delighted to announce that Myra L. (MIV - Year 8) was not only the St Mary’s top engineer for this race, but also the winner of the UK schools' Iceland race.

The Iceland race was a new track developed to put to the test the skills of all the participants, including those with more experience in this competition. It was a very tight finish, with Myra snatching the victory by just a few seconds. Having said that, she took the lead in the second lap and kept the lead for the duration of the race. Myra has really taken to Maths in Motion this year, tirelessly working to make individual tweaks to give her the edge. She has become one of the strongest and most consistent competitors in the school and this is a wonderful accolade for her. She will receive an official certificate and a trophy for this unique event.

A special mention to Rachel (MIV), Taggie (LIV), Eleanor (LIV), Evie (LIV) and Emily B. (MIV) who finished in the top 20 in the Iceland race.

The overall winner over three races in LIV (Year 7) is Sarina, with Beana just three points behind.
The overall winner over three races in MIV (Year 8) is Myra L. with Rachel just a few points behind.

This is a very strong finish for St Mary’s girls who only started this competition this year - congratulations!

Mr Hugo Corripio-Lopez, Head of Computer Science