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On Thursday 16th June, we welcomed applicants for highly competitive university courses from our local state schools to join our own LVI in a collaborative day of workshops aimed at supporting the application process. Guests from Hardenhuish, Sheldon and Abbeyfield began the afternoon in Chapel with advice on all aspects of the competitive application process from personal statements and course research to admissions testing and interview preparation. Interview thinking skills sessions reviewed the interdisciplinary and thematic thinking of the Darwin Lecture Series, researching Nobel Prize winners within their chosen field and debating the issues within famous thought experiments such as those found in Rawls’ Theory of Justice and Peter Singer’s Child in the Pond. St Mary’s teaching staff created subject-specific sessions to discuss strategy for Medicine applications, practice MMI (Multiple Mini Interview) stations, problem-solving workshops in Maths and Computer Science, historical source analysis, legal case work, political discussion, critiques of art work and many more. The collaborative atmosphere and recognition of the hard work that all pupils are putting into their preparation for ambitious Higher Education applications made for a successful and worthwhile day – fuelled by Mrs Thomas’ delicious cupcakes and refreshing elderflower! We hope to get together again further down the line in the Autumn Term, and a huge thank you to all staff who gave up their afternoons to share their expertise and support the applicants.