personal development tnThis year saw the inaugural St Mary’s Calne Professional Development (SMCPD) leadership course take place. The course was aimed at new and aspiring Heads of Department, but was open to absolutely anyone who was interested in learning more about middle leadership.

Over the Spring and Summer Terms there were a series of four workshops, which were delivered by Michael Smyth (Deputy Head Academic), Lucy Weeden (WSLT) and Giles Mason (Director of IT). Workshops included an introduction to being a Head of Department, How to Maximise IT, Strategies to monitor and improve Teaching and Learning within a department, and a final session on employment law. Eleven members of staff attended all four sessions and received certificates from Dr Kirk in a special Tea on Monday. Amongst those who certificated was the whole Chemistry department of Carol Wilson, Sharon Skelhorn and Dr Stan Fowler. They commented: “it was rewarding to be back together as part of our learning community...The sessions were fascinating, informative and helpful!” Overall twenty members of staff took part, dropping into those sessions in which they had an interest.