the rap project tnOn Thursday 5th May, St Mary’s was fortunate to be joined by Deana Puccio Ferraro, co-founder of the RAP (Raising Awareness and Prevention) Project. Deana delivered a powerful series of talks to our students on the topics of consent, sexual harassment, sexual assault, gender stereotypes, and the influence of (social) media. This opportunity was organised and funded by the PGSM and included a personalised recorded video and the opportunity for parents to take part in a Q&A session with Deana on Monday 9th May.

The talks were received with a huge amount of enthusiasm and positivity from the students who immediately warmed to Deana’s style of presentation and content. The messages were evidence-based and informative, leaving a long-lasting message in the minds of the students. It was very clear that the themes resonated with the thoughts, concerns and questions that many students have; several of whom spoke to Deana after the presentation.

We look forward to inviting Deana and the RAP Project into St Mary’s again in the near future and, in the meantime, we will be reflecting on many of the core messages in our PD lessons within school.

Mr TIm Waldron, Head of Personal Development