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On 10th June, the LIV (Year 7) went to the International Meditation Centre in Heddington for their Religious Studies trip.

'When we arrived, just after a short journey, we had to take off our shoes and sanitise our hands. We then went inside the meditation hall. We had to sit cross- legged and answer some questions that our Buddhist teacher, Roy Millman, posed for us. We were asked to try to clear our minds. Clearing our minds was quite hard as you couldn’t think of anything. We then repeated some sentences in Burmese after our teacher, while we meditated.'

By Florence LIVW

'After that we went outside into the beautiful gardens and we saw the magnificent Pagoda. We had a small peek inside, and we saw the golden statue. After we looked at the statue, we made our way into the dining hall. The freshly made food was amazing and we all really enjoyed the tea. Lastly, we made our way through the amazing gardens. We all really enjoyed this experience and we hope we will be able to do this sort of thing again soon.'

By Eleanor LIVE

'We were delighted to be able to revisit the IMC after a break of two Covid-affected years, and to renew our friendship with the lovely folk of this local Buddhist community – some of whom live at the Centre all year round. The teaching that the girls received consolidated and extended their RS learning, while the actual experience of meditation was invaluable to understanding a little of Buddhist practice. As ever, their warm hospitality was faultless, and we look forward to returning next year!'

Mr Marc Thomas, Head of Religious Studies