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This year the English Department launched the inaugural Dunkin Spelling Bee, in memory of our beloved and inspiring Mrs Dunkin. Each Fourth-Form class nominated two ace spellers for the year-group heats, and these girls were tested on their written spelling of a variety of tricky words, including such delights as ‘pandemonium’, ‘exuberance’, and even ‘Shakespeare’ (the Bard’s final ‘e’ is sometimes forgotten!)

Two girls from each year went forward to the head-to-head finals and these ran in the Library this week, with finalists having to spell out loud in front of an audience this time; a far trickier task. The standard was excellent, although there was some extremely creative spelling of ‘caesura’!

Alex was the MIV winner, Tabitha won the LIV round and the UIV winner and overall champion (after a tense tiebreak) was Sofia of Osmund Company. Sofia was presented with the ‘Dunkin Bear’ trophy; the bear will wear an orange Osmund crown for the year.

Well done, and thank you, to all those that took part.

Mrs Katie Barrett-Jolley