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The final Regional Drinks Party in celebration of the school’s 150th Anniversary took place last night in the heart of Edinburgh. The festivities brought together a diverse group of alumnae, spanning across the decades, from the Class of 1959 to recent Leavers currently pursuing their degrees at Edinburgh University.

The event, held at the New Club in Princes Street, was a testament to the enduring spirit of St Mary's, where past and present seamlessly intertwined, and alumnae rekindled old friendships, created new connections and reminisced about the transformative years spent at St Mary's.

Cari Depla, Director of External Relations, remarked, ‘One of the highlights of the Regional Drinks Parties that we have held this year, is that we have been able to reconnect with our alumnae and enjoy anecdotes of their time at St Mary's. It's incredible to hear how the school has evolved over the years, yet the sense of community remains unwavering. The anniversary drinks celebrations have attracted alumnae of all ages, as well as parents and former staff. The events have created a tapestry of experiences that highlight the school's rich history and the impact it has had on generations of women, from the pioneers who navigated the school's early years to the recent graduates shaping their futures.’

Guests at the Edinburgh Drinks were invited to join the 150 Society which recognises those supporting the Chrysalis Campaign for transformational bursaries. Members of the Society will be invited regularly to special events, the first of which will be held in December.

Here's to 150 years of excellence, empowerment, and enduring friendships. Happy anniversary, St Mary's!

Mrs Cari Depla, Director of External Relations