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On Monday 16th January, the Annual Supper for Academic Scholars and Award Holders was held in Top Hall featuring guest speaker Alex Tsylnitska, a Calne Girl who left in 2018. After leaving Calne, where she studied Economics, Maths, Further Maths and Politics at A Level, Alex read Economics and Management at the University of Cambridge.

The evening started with welcome drinks of our favourite elderflower fizz, which was enjoyed by all. This gave us an opportunity to meet Alex and talk with Scholars from other year groups. We then sat down to an excellent supper that was accompanied by a fiendishly difficult quiz. A big thank you to Mrs Thomas and her catering team for preparing the supper.

After supper, Alex talked about her life at Calne and at Cambridge. Using the skills she learnt at school and university, Alex first did a summer internship at Citi and has now forged a career there as a Corporate Banking Analyst. She talked about the hard work she had to put in to get this position and the commitment she has shown in her role, but also explained to us that it had been possible for her and also spoke about how we might achieve something similar in the future.

In her speech, Alex opened our eyes to all the things that we can do with our lives. She encouraged us to follow our talents and our hearts, and not to follow a well-trodden path simply because others had done so. She also suggested that we think globally, especially about how we could most benefit others. The heart of her message was that although what she has done has been right for her, we all have to think carefully about what subjects of study, jobs and choices will best allow us to fulfil our own unique potential.

It was very inspiring to hear Alex's motivational words and hear that although she has travelled so far since school, she remains fully grounded. All in all, it was a most enjoyable evening and a great way to celebrate the Academic Scholars Programme at Calne.

Guinevere W, LV (Year 10)