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'To celebrate Cultural Week, we invited Antonio Bukhar Ssebuuma as our guest speaker. Currently, Antonio is a lecturer and curriculum lead at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds. During his speech, he discussed some cultural differences between Uganda and the UK, including the difference in the sense of community between the two countries. He explained how unlike in Uganda, we do not greet everyone before buying anything in a shop or just on the street, as they do. He demonstrated the rich diversity that exists within one country, with over 50 tribes within one country, all with their own customs, values, mannerisms and languages.

At the end of the evening, he had the whole audience up on their feet and taught us some great dance moves and then showed us his favourite moves. 

As a result of him opening our eyes, everyone came away with something to think about and about life in Uganda.  Having taught in over 20 countries around the world he encouraged us all to try and experience as many cultures and different countries as we can.' Anna (UVI)

'We had the pleasure of listening to a talk delivered by Antonio as part of Cultural Week. He touched on several topics from beliefs and traditions in Uganda, to foods, dances and different tribes. The dance moves taught to us as the end were very useful in warming us up! It was especially interesting to see how similar our cultures are (Uganda and Nigeria), despite being from opposite sides of Africa.' Derinsola (UVI)