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On Monday 13th March, German language students had the pleasure of watching an Onatti Theatre Company production called Im Alten Saloon, a play performed by two professional German actors, with the whole script in German.

The play was a perfect balance of being both challenging enough to help with the older students’ German, but was also easy to follow and understand for those with less German language experience, which meant that everyone could enjoy the play.

The performance followed a humorous story of an old saloon in 1856 Midwest America that runs into various financial difficulties following a robbery. In order to save the saloon, the daughter of the owner, Dolores, convinces her father to host a competition in the saloon, in order to find a talented candidate to enter the local towns’ talent show that has a prize of $300. In this process, we all laughed at the various (unsuccessful) contestants, their acts ranging from puppeteering to opera singing. The play ended happily when Dolores wins the talent show and saves the saloon with her dance routine.

After the play ended, we all had the opportunity to ask the actors about the process behind scenes, as well as general questions about life in Germany. We were all very grateful to have the chance to watch such an entertaining and educational production.

Connie, LVI