British Museum TNOn Monday, the UIV (Year 9) all travelled to The British Museum to explore ‘People who changed the world’, the theme of this Academic Enrichment Week. The morning’s activities centred around the Greeks and Romans, learning about the impact the Greeks had on art and architecture and storytelling and how Roman figures such as the first emperor Augustus changed our world.

Much discussion was had around whether the Parthenon Frieze (otherwise controversially known as the ‘Elgin Marbles’) was rightfully kept in London; the majority of pupils thinking that while they were pleased to be able to see the marbles easily, it felt wrong for them not to be in Athens.

Interestingly, after visiting rooms equally concerning Romans and Greeks, the UIV were split evenly on which culture has made the greatest impact on our lives today.

Following a well-earned lunch in Pizza Express, the pupils split into groups depending on their individual interests; some went to explore the hidden gems of China, others investigated artefacts from Africa, a further group headed off to the rooms housing artefacts from 1900s Europe and a huge contingent examined the sculptures and mummies from Ancient Egypt.

Congratulations go to Heidi and Tara for winning the booklet competition.  Winners of the hotly contested photo competition will be announced after half term!

Mrs Lucy Weeden, Head of Classics