St Ps Social TNOn Friday 2nd February, as soon as school finished, the MIV rushed back to House to get ready for their first social. After supper in House, we all piled on to the coach and headed to Cothill House where an evening of reeling awaited us!

We were welcomed in the car park by their new Headmaster, Mr George May, and shown into their hall where the social was to take place. The hall was already buzzing, with 40 boys present from Cothill, 10 girls from Kitebrook and a few parents who were there to help with the dancing.

John Carver was the caller and as soon as we walked in it was straight into the reeling! It was a tad chaotic trying to get 80 boys and girls organised into the reeling sets, but the staff and John managed it and the first dance got off to a flying (if slightly confused) start!

By the third dance everyone had a much better idea of the steps and the girls really enjoyed doing the various dances in different sized groups. During the break the pupils had a chance to mingle and chat while they had a drink and snack. We had three more dances, including a very raucous rendition of ‘Strip the Willow’, before the evening came to a close and it was time to head back onto the coach.

It was such a fun and lively evening, and we are looking forward to hosting Cothill at St Mary’s in the Summer.

Miss Louise Cavanagh, Housemistress of St Priscas's Boarding House (MIV, Year 8)