2786 SMC 010 cropWe have 11 official winners of the '40 Book Reading Challenge' this year, all rewarded with a £20 Waterstones voucher.

From Hardy's Far from the Madding Crowd to Orwell's 1984, through to pop fiction, the girls have been steadily collecting beautiful metallic badges for 10, 20 and 30 books throughout the year. To see what the pupils have been reading, view the reading lists for: LIV and MIV, UIV, LV and UV, and Non-Fiction books for UIV-UV

I wish them all, and you, a wonderfully booky summer and look forward to discussing your favourites in the autumn. 

Jessica H. - 51

Bea L. - 56
Katelyn C. - 58
Pandora P. - 64

Sophie O. - 40
Laura RP. - 42
Heidi A. - 43
Evie T. - 56
Alice S.  - 66

Grace M. 51
Belle R. - 58

Mrs Rebekah Lord, Head of English