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On Wednesday, the LVI Chemists embarked on a scenic journey to Bath University to enjoy in an introduction to the different analytical techniques that are featured in the A Level Chemistry course.

First, we were introduced to the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance machines: we learnt about their strong magnetic fields and Mimi helped scan and analyse the readings of a sample of aspirin. The scientist also mentioned that they had the only nuclear magnetic resonance machine (in the world!) in which the chemical engineers are able to monitor reactions in real time. 

In the Mass Spectrometry room, we learnt just how useful it is in our daily lives. Did you know that airport security can spend a mere 10 seconds tracing any illegal substances using this machine?! 

Although we got lost on the way (!), the weather was sublime, and during our tour of the campus, we reached the Infrared Spectroscopy room. We had fun solving and devising unknown organic compounds using data from what we’d just learnt!

Overall, this was a great step up from LVI work, and has helped us prepare for the UVI content and spark further interest in Chemistry!

Thank you to Mrs Wilson, Doc F and Miss Ford for accompanying us and organising this educational trip.

Bea C. (LVI)