etonOn Tuesday 7th May, a group of 10 LV and LVI singers went to Eton College to participate in the Eton and Windsor Choral Society’s ‘Come and Sing’ evening.

After a quick supper, we rehearsed the entirety of Mozart’s Requiem for 70 minutes, with everyone sight-reading in a slight panic. Under the excellent direction of Tim Johnson, Director of Music at Eton, we managed to get it all learnt, practised and ready for the performance at 8pm!

We were lucky to hear four soloists from Royal Holloway perform as part of the concert, all of which was accompanied by Christopher Allsop who took over as organist at Eton in January.

The choir ended up being huge, with many singers from within and without the society taking part.

It was a brilliant way to get to know a whole musical work in a short space of time, Mr Johnson and Miss Arthur suggested applying the same rehearsal timings to some of our school concerts though they were unsure of end results – watch this space!

Huge thanks to Miss Arthur, Mr Joyce and the Music Department for taking us to participate.