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On Tuesday evening, the Fourth Form Music Festival came to a stunning conclusion with an amazing concert that showcased 16 of our talented junior musicians. They all performed for the chance to win the Festival Cup and individual prizes awarded to the winner of each class.

Over the past couple of months every girl who has individual music lessons in or outside school were given the opportunity to enter the festival via a video recording of themselves playing one or more of their instruments. They were then grouped into four classes according to the level attained (Novizia, Apprendista, Maestro and Virtuoso). The performances that we felt stood out were then chosen to compete in the final concert.

To an audience of parents, pupils and staff every girl gave an accomplished performance. For some it was the very first time they had performed in front of an audience. The concert began with our Novizia performers: Emilia (piano), Alex (voice), Ami (voice), Renee (viola) and Emi (Marimba). Most of these girls have only been receiving lessons on their respective instruments for a few years or even just a few months. They all performed with maturity and showed much promise.

Next, Georgia (piano), Evie (voice), Mia (cello) and Annabel (voice) competed for the Apprendista prize. All the performances were technically assured and demonstrated serious potential.

The Maestro class consisted of Hannah (piano), Flo (flute), Joanne (cello) and Delphina (voice), another very hard class indeed to adjudicate, as every one of them gave polished and assured performances.

The Virtuoso class, as its name suggests, gave us some amazingly virtuosic and professional playing and singing from Katelyn (piano), Jemima (voice), Lily (violin) and Cici (piano).

Whilst the adjudicator went out to deliberate, the musical entertainment continued with a performance from one of our older girls, Ellie, who played the second movement of From My Native Country by Smetana on violin, followed by a video of Selina’s performance on a traditional Chinese instrument called the Guzheng. These two incredibly dazzling and difficult pieces were both extremely exciting to listen to.

Our adjudicator this year was Sophie Fisher, Deputy Head of Music at Stonar School. Considering the wealth of talent that our school is so lucky to be able to display, it must have been a very difficult task to pick each winner. She gave some encouraging and insightful comments to each performer, then awarded the prizes to Emi (Novizia), Mia (Apprendista), Hannah (Maestro) and Lily (Virtuoso). She then chose Lily (violin) as the overall trophy winner of the Fourth Form Music Festival 2024. The company winners of the festival were Osmund.

A huge thank you goes to Mr Sandon-Williams for his phenomenal accompaniment and congratulations to everyone for a marvellous event!

Mrs Rachel Allard, Music Teacher