Students enjoy annual 'Apple Day' in glorious sunshine

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Our second annual Apple Day was held in the orchard on Wednesday 10th October and we were blessed with wonderful weather.

All the students from St Mary's Calne and St Margaret's Preparatory School had the opportunity to watch the apples from our orchard being pressed and try the delicious juice produced. We were very pleased to be joined by Wiltshire Bees who came with a hive of 8,000 bees (all contained!) and explained the life cycle and social structure of these important pollinators.

The girls left with armfuls of toffee apples, honey, bottles of juice and a very good time was had by all. The LV (Year 10) are taking over the selling of the apple juice with their Apple Enterprise. Before Half Term they will be putting together their branding, marketing, advertising and sales strategies and hoping to sell it all in the run up to Christmas.

Mrs Alexandra Haydon, Head of Science