Enriching experiences with the OSCAR Foundation girls

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Further to their initial visit on 1st October, we were delighted to welcome the girls from the OSCAR Foundation's #kicklikeagirl UK Tour back to school on Saturday 6th October, when they were able to enjoy a wide range of extra-curricular activities with us.

The day began with them playing bubble football with the Fifth Form in the Sports Hall, before heading to join the rest of the school in lunch. After this, they spent time in Florence Dyas House (the Year 12 House) making jewellery both for themselves and their families back home. Lots of discussion took place as they made their bracelets, earrings and necklaces. They then had fun in the swimming pool and enjoyed using the different floats and playing a bit of volleyball, before having a delicious afternoon tea with some spectacular cup cakes.

Finally, they spent time in the Art Block painting canvases and screen printing tote bags which will be a fantastic way to remember their time. It was a really enriching day for all involved and we were treated to some fantastic renditions of their Thank You Song. As we waved goodbye we were all in good spirits, as it was evident that all of the hard work (led by our Head of Charities, Katya) had paid off, and some very special memories had been created. We wish the girls from the OSCAR Foundation tour every future success and know that they will go back with the determination to change the communities of which they are a part. They were a fantastic bunch of girls and we feel very lucky that they were able to visit us.

Miss Lianne Aherne - Director of Sixth Form, Higher Education and Professional Guidance