Girls enjoy 'Empty Hanger' Workshop

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On 22nd October (the first day of Donaldson Week - formerly Enrichment Week) the LIV and MIV girls (Years 7 and 8) were introduced to the 'Empty Hanger' project. This project was set up by Joanna Jepson, who is currently an Army Chaplain but was the Chaplain for the London School of Fashion. The activity involves thinking about your background, your family, what it means to you and how it has made you who you are.

"First, we sketched the object or picture that we were told to bring; it had to have a special connection with us. Once we had done that, we had to enlarge the shapes on the object or photo and think of different things that related to the shapes. After this, we created a 'Family Crest' incorporating the object, along with colours, memories and words that were meaningful to our own families.

After the lunch break, we created mood boards full of all the materials, colours and textures we wanted on our garments or accessories. We decided to use dresses but others used jackets or hats. The garments had to relate back to our special objects or photo. Once we had perfected our mood boards and filled them with materials and pictures, we drew our garments on a model. We stuck our materials next to our drawings and added lots of colour to our garments.

We really enjoyed the day and learnt lots of new skills. The most important lesson we learnt was that we didn’t have to be good at art to draw an amazing garment."

Hebe and Laura (Year 8)