Girls enjoy the challenge of 'Walk and Camp'

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The girls on this year’s 'Walk and Camp' started out on a very grey day, with groups getting dropped off at Aldbourne Church, Liddington Road Crossing, North Farm Lane and various places north of Aldbourne. The groups walked to Sugar Hill, Shipley Bottom, Upper Upham, Roundhill Down, Oak Stagger and some places not marked on their route! However, most of the teams managed to stay on course and to time, dodging the rain clouds for the best part of the day. A small number found out which jackets were waterproof, while others discovered that theirs were not! This was a good lesson to learn before they start their DofE Awards in Year 9.

All the groups but one arrived at the camp before the rain to put up their tents very efficiently and readied themselves for the night’s camp. Some girls took pity on the team that had not arrived and pitched their tents for them, displaying great team work. They then all unpacked into their tents, having found their bags which had been transported out to the campsite for them.

The BBQ was in full swing when the heavy rain started, with Mr and Mrs Paddock out in the rain cooking the food, being supported by the other staff in the dry marquee!! All the girls squeezed into the other marquee to eat the supper of soup, hot dogs and beef burgers and Mrs Baldwin and Miss Turley then organised the doughnut Disco in the marquee.

A big thank you to all the staff who walked and helped on the campsite: Miss Dickson, Mr Beach, Miss Muller, Miss Bloomer, Mrs Baldwin, both Haplins, Mr Slater, Mrs Briggs, Mrs Hornby, Mr and Mrs Paddock, Mrs Hayes, Miss Brivio-Stone  and Miss Turley. Also a big thank you to Mr and Mrs Spicer for the use of their field.

Mrs Elizabeth Thompson