Lecture on 'Les Parisiennes' by award-winning author

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On Tuesday 5th March, we were treated to a fabulous lecture by award-winning author, presenter and lecturer, Anne Sebba, who came to talk to us about her book, Les Parisiennes. As part of their French A Level, the girls have to study the theme of ‘L’Occupation, La Résistance et le régime de Vichy’ so it was both fascinating and useful to hear what she had to say.

Anne told us stories about different women, and what happened to them during the Occupation of France in 1940-1944. She told us stories of women from the upper echelons of society, such as jewellery heiresses and fashion designers, and also stories of women from different backgrounds such as Geneviève de Gaulle and Germaine Tillon who, in 2015, were reburied in the Panthéon to recognise their contribution to France during the war, two of only four women to be buried there.

French A Level student, Maya, said of the Lecture:
'Anne told us how she went about getting the information to write her book and the different women she met who had survived the Occupation and Labour Camps along the way. She also gave her opinion on the controversial topic - ‘La collaboration’ in which men and particularly women took part, in order to survive.

As an A Level French student, this lecture was hugely engaging. We learn about France during the Second World War and particularly the French Occupation, however, unfortunately we are unable to go into huge detail (as there are so many topics to cover!) but Les Parisiennes helps to give a full insight and a more intimate approach into individuals' lives, specifically women.'