Girls attend Particle Physics Masterclass at Rutherford Appleton Lab

On 7th March, seven Physics students visited Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, named after the physicists Ernest Rutherford and Edward Appleton, known for their work in nuclear physics and radio physics, respectively.

'We were welcomed with tea and coffee before our first lecture, which was A Very Brief Guide to Accelerators; we also had masterclasses in The fundamentals of Particle PhysicsThe Large Hadron Collider and Applications of Accelerators.

Afterwards, we had a challenging activity using a program that replicates the Atlantis, the event display used at ATLAS to visualise what happens in the detector. When we finished the computer workshop, we enjoyed a delicious meal. We had a tour around one of their particle accelerators in the building ISIS, named after the river that passes through Oxford and the Egyptian Goddess. Before the quiz we were given refreshments, unfortunately, we didn't win any prizes, but we gained a lot of knowledge throughout the day. It was a fun and informative day, which was well enjoyed'.

Erica and Zoe (Year 12)