Inspiring English Trip to Stratford

This week the Sixth Form English students had an inspiring day out at a conference in Stratford, hosted by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. A number of academics delivered lectures on a range of ideas to support their study of Hamlet – their key exam drama text.

They explored the text in performance as well as contextual, linguistic and structural aspects. They looked closely at Tragedy as a genre and how Shakespeare stood on the shoulders of giants such as Seneca and Aristotle but also how he adapted and refined the form, making an indelible mark on English literature.

Two actors delivered an interesting interactive piece on the text in performance and the day was complete with a Q&A in which the Calne girls made very creditable contributions. After a full day of academic focus we enjoyed a fascinating tour of the house where Shakespeare was born and grew up, and where his father worked and prospered as a glover. Later, we rounded off the day with a very nice supper at ASK Italian in Stratford and then travelled home, tired but happy.