On the morning of Sunday 12th January, many of the LV (Year 10) girls spent the day training and planning for their Bronze DofE Practice Expedition.

The eight teams planned menus, which all feature lots of pasta, chocolate and porridge to give them plenty of energy for walking and keeping warm.  Teams learnt about which kit to use and carry and how to make their backpacks as light as possible. The girls were reminded about the requirement to have proper walking boots with ankle support, as they will be carrying heavy backpacks with tents, stoves and camping equipment and will need ankle support over rough ground.

Much of the day was spent planning routes and writing detailed route cards which they will use on their Practice Expedition on Sunday 22nd and Monday 23rd March, 2020.  By the end of the day, all of the teams were ready for their first expedition and the staff look forward to seeing them put what they have learnt into practice, just before the start of the Easter holidays. 

Mrs Eloise MacLean, DofE Coordinator