Saturday 12th June saw the return of our annual Sports Day at Beversbrook, after a year of reduced competitive sport. The weather was perfect which, along with the Company tents surrounding the finish line, created a great atmosphere for all the spectators and competitors.

Throughout the afternoon, girls competed in a variety of events on both track and field, gaining points to support their Companies. Competition was fierce, as it always is, and there were some outstanding individual performances - so many of the school records were under threat. A special mention goes to Sophia (Year 8), who got a new school record in Shot Put, throwing 8.50m, beating the previous record of 8.15m.

This year also saw the start of the Senior Tug of War competition, run by Mr James and Mr Thomas, which was a popular event and exciting to watch. Each Company competed against one another and the final was between Osmund and Ed Rich, with Osmund coming out as the overall winners.

There was eager anticipation as the results were calculated and then announced:

Junior Individual Trophy (Victrix Ludorum):
1st Place- Baylee (29pts)
2nd Place (Joint)- Elo (23pts) and Bo (23pts)

Inter Individual Trophy: (Victrix Ludorum)
1st Place- Daisy (26pts)
2nd Place (Joint) - Amber, Eva-Rose and Bea (20pts)

Company Results:

Junior (LIV & MIV)
1st Place – Grosstete 130pts
2nd Place – Ed Rich 128pts
3rd Place – Osmund 120pts
4th Place – Poore 113pts
5th Place – Moberly 80pts

Inter (UIV & LV)
1st Place – Ed Rich 127pts
2nd Place (Joint) - Osmund and Moberly 120pts
4th Place – Poore 104pts
5th Place – Grosstete 102pts

Senior (LVI)
1st Place – Osmund 51pts
2nd Place – Ed Rich 42pts
3rd Place – Moberly 35pts
4th Place – Grosstete 29pts
5th Place – Poore 23pts

1st Place – Ed Rich 297
2nd Place – Osmund 291
3rd Place – Grosstete 261
4th Place – Poore 240
5th Place – Moberly 235

Well done to all the girls that took part and supported their Companies throughout the day; it was yet again a very successful day and event!