Kit4KenyaOn Friday 11th June, the whole school dressed up in the colours of the Kenyan flag (black, red, and green) and donated £1 to the charity Kit4Kenya.This charity was started by Tom Sweetnam when he was aged 17. His school appointed him charity rep and he decided to join this with his love of football to create a charity.

Tom was already doing work with the charity EDCLUB, who get British students to skype children in Kenya to tutor them, so he used this link to help him create Kit4Kenya. His aim was to get used, but still in good condition, sports kit out to the slums of Kenya to give the children a chance to fulfil their potential. His first shipment was of 500 second-hand football boots from local shops in 2017, and since then the charity has grown massively. They have received donations of kit from the likes of Arsenal and Oxford FC, and to date have successfully delivered £170,000 worth of kit. Most recently they have teamed up with England football who have generously donated 3,000 kits to be sent out. This is amazing for them, however, the problem arises of how to get the 3,000 kits from England to Kenya, as shipping is hugely expensive. So that is why I, as student ambassador, decided to hold the mufti day to try and raise some money to go towards the shipment, as £1 pays for one whole kit. It was amazing to see everyone dressed up in the colours and showing their support. If anyone would like to donate to the charity their just giving page is:

To find out more about the charity you can visit their social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Charlotte (Year12)