UV Oxford TripOn Monday 21st June, as part of our Sixth Form Preparation Programme, the UV (Year 11) went to Oxford to explore one of the colleges and the city itself, as well as listen to a talk at Merton about the process of applying to University. I went on the tour around Merton first and I thought the gardens were especially pretty and seemed like good places to work in the summer.

Other impressive sights included the Merton library, the stone table: which is believed to have inspired the stone table from Narnia, and Merton College Chapel where Chamber Choir sang back in 2019. After the tour we had our talk about applying to university, which gave us an insight into what we should do to prepare for our applications and the things that universities find attractive. I think everyone found the talk very useful ahead of the lessons we will start in the Autumn Term about Careers.

Next, most of us ate our lunch, and then we were able to go into Oxford to have a look around the sights (and to shop!). I chose to spend quite a bit of time in Blackwell’s bookshop, and I ended up buying four new books, including one on Ancient Magic which could be useful for my A Levels. Overall, it was a really useful and interesting trip and I think now my year group feel slightly less worried about applying to university. Thank you to the staff both at school and Oxford who made the trip possible and entertaining. 

Tessa (Year 11)