We have a unique Saturday morning programme for the LVI Form which focuses on providing girls with a range of life skills that will equip them for university and beyond. The programme is designed to motivate the girls and inspire them to look beyond the curriculum and to conduct their own, independent research. The eight key areas are:

Careers Preparing you for life beyond St Mary’s by exploring the range of careers available to you is central to our Sixth Form Programme. You will have numerous opportunities to hear from leaders in their fields, including our strong network of alumnae, as you think about your future options. This will be supplemented by lessons where we explore the range of transferable skills valued by employers in the modern professional landscape.
Community Service Service to others is something that we believe is integral in ensuring you develop as a person and making a positive contribution to our community is an expectation. From leadership roles within school, volunteering opportunities in the local area, as well as a long established Mentoring Programme with a local special needs school, we encourage all girls to get involved.
Current Affairs In a rapidly globalising world we are more connected to others than ever before. We want our Sixth Formers to be informed about what is going on in the world around them and to respond to what they see and hear. Our Sixth Form societies (such as Model United Nations) and lecture programme are at the heart of this.
Critical Thinking Never has it been more important to ensure that girls are able to think both critically and creatively. We want you to be able to interpret, analyse and evaluate ideas and arguments. It is important that you challenge others and are prepared to be challenged.
Debating To question and be able to respond to the questions of others is what we would expect from girls who are life-long learners. To be able to debate in both an informal and formal setting is an invaluable skill and helps you in all aspects of Sixth Form life. We will provide you with the environment that means debating an issue is something that comes naturally to you.
Universities Our Sixth Formers apply to some of the world’s leading universities for a diverse range of courses. Our aim is to help ensure you are fully prepared to make the strongest application possible to your chosen universities. Individual support from a dedicated team of supervisors, as well as lessons on all aspects of the process, ensure that you are informed, guided and encouraged every step of the way.
Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) To be able to research a topic of your choice is one of the joys of completing an EPQ. We will equip you with the necessary skills for success and you will relish the opportunity to explore beyond the confines of the A Level specifications. Completing an EPQ undoubtedly helps with the transition to undergraduate level study and is well respected by Russell Group universities.
Mindfulness and Yoga As you follow the .b Mindfulness in Schools programme you will develop a range of techniques that will help you to always be mindful of the moment in which you find yourself. It promotes wellbeing, positive behaviour and academic learning and allows you to respond more deftly to situations. This is complemented by learning Yoga which focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to further promote physical and mental wellbeing.