One of the clear benefits of being a boarding school is without doubt the huge range of opportunities available to the girls through an enriching curricular and extra-curricular programme, and the global dimension plays a pivotal role in the girls’ education.  St Mary’s Calne actively promotes the global dimension throughout school life: through the normal curriculum, enrichment activities and numerous school trips, which form life-long memories for the girls:

We had an absolutely amazing time in Nepal which we shall never, ever forget and, in the future, I would definitely like to return.  It gave me a completely different perspective on the world and I would like to thank all the people involved in running the trip.”  (Sassie) 

Visiting Berlin gave us an exciting opportunity to improve our knowledge of the language while learning about the culture and history, and we would love to go back.” (Tesni)

Without question, the global dimension brings many benefits to young people:

"Global issues are part of children and young people’s lives in ways unfamiliar to previous generations. Television, the internet, international sport and increased opportunities for travel all bring the wider world into everyone’s daily life. UK society today is enhanced by peoples, cultures, languages, religions, art, technologies, music and literature originating in many different parts of the world. This provides a tremendous range of opportunities to broaden children and young people’s experience and knowledge.” DfE guidance*

St Mary’s students and teachers recognise that all actions impact on people throughout the world and that the solutions to many global problems, whether climate change or inequality, are more likely to be realised through genuine understanding of all cultures and our mutual interdependence. A St Mary’s education plays a vital role in helping children and young people recognise their contribution and responsibilities as citizens of this global community. The curriculum is designed to equip them with the skills to make informed decisions and take responsible actions.
In January 2015 St Mary’s Calne was awarded the Foundation level of the British Council's International School Award.  Taking part in the award links the school with others around the world, teaches our pupils about other countries and cultures, provides an internationally recognised accreditation for the school’s international work and enhances teaching standards through sharing best practice from other countries. We are looking forward to building on this achievement and are now working towards the Intermediate level of the British Council’s International School Award. 

The Global Dimension in the curriculum

In MIV (Year 8) if girls choose just one modern language, they will also study the Global Dimension (1 hour per week, but not for the entire year).  For further information about the Global Dimension in the curriculum, please click here

* Developing the global dimension in the school curriculum Ref: DfES 1409-2005DOC-EN March 2005