St Mary’s Calne is proud of its culture of academia that comes from the high aspirations, industry and flair shown by pupils throughout the School. Teachers, Houses and Support Staff all help pupils to do their very best academically and achieve excellent outcomes, both in relative and absolute terms.

Pupils are empowered to be the best version of themselves and to ‘win their own race.’ We celebrate a breadth of fantastic achievements in a variety of subject disciplines and across the whole attainment range.

The Win Your Own Race strategy aims to challenge all pupils in all areas of their academics to strive for their very best. This will build on our pre-existing Connected Teaching and Learning policy, which envisions pupils being connected across subjects, digitally, with teachers and with the wider community. This allows pupils and teachers to break free from silos and collaborate to achieve excellent learning outcomes.

Our key message is that at St Mary’s Calne, we celebrate success in a variety of subjects, both in absolute and relative terms.