LIV Form with Roman Masks

The Classics Department is flourishing at St Mary’s and is highly valued.  Most girls study Latin at KS3 although some girls study Classical Civilisation in Year 8 and 9.  Greek can also be taken up in Year 9.  A significantly large number follow them through to GCSE and A Level.  Work is supported, where possible, by trips to Pompeii, Greece and Rome. Closer to home we encourage visits to museums, Classical sites such as The Roman Baths, Chedworth and Caerleon, and to the theatre to see performances in English and the original Greek. There are opportunities to take part in reading competitions, inter-school drama competitions and classical quizzes and to attend summer schools in both Latin and Greek. While studying, all girls have access to impressive library facilities and ICT provision and they are constantly encouraged by experienced Staff. For Latin we use the Cambridge Latin Course which emphasises the content of the Roman World as well as the language and for Greek we use John Taylor’s book  Greek to GCSE.  All girls are encouraged to enjoy the study of the Classical World and to achieve their full potential.

GCSE Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation

We use the updated OCR specification which includes elements of Language, Literature and Civilisation Work.  A very high standard is achieved year on year in all three subject areas.  

A Level Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation

We follow the updated OCR specifications in Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation.  The uptake in all these subjects is very good and the girls achieve excellent results. 

Mrs Lucy Weeden (Head of Department)