jerusalem drama trip tnFifth and Sixth Form Drama students recently made a trip to the West End to see one of the most groundbreaking and important plays of recent years, Jez Butterworth's modern classic Jerusalem, starring Mark Rylance and Mackenzie Crook.

This revival of the original run from 2010 was a sell-out, and we made sure we got seats by booking way back last summer!  The play, in an epic and gripping three hours, tells the story of the eviction of a West Country reprobate, 'Rooster' Byron (Rylance) and his gang of local ne'er-do-wells.  Based in Pewsey, the girls enjoyed references to Devizes, Chippenham and even Calne(!), and were entranced by the play's brilliant splicing of themes of Englishness and folklore, communicated by raw comedy and powerful tragedy...a fine old Sunday day out!

Pictured: UVI and LV students outside the theatre.