The option of working out in the fully equipped Fitness Suite becomes an option in the Fifth and Sixth Form. When the girls enter the LV Form, they are given a full induction programme of how to use the equipment safely and responsibly in order to achieve a purposeful workout tailored individually to the girl.  The girls are instructed as to how to plan sessions and how to target specific areas to work on.

The Fitness Suite has a large variety of Techno Gym cardio-vascular and resistance machines, as well as free weights.  There are always staff around to help and instruct the girls at all times.

In the Sixth Form girls may use the Fitness Suite in their own time, by signing in with the gym staff as members.  The Fitness Suite is a useful tool to teach the girls about safe, sensible exercise and to promote a healthy lifestyle for the future.  The Sixth Form girls also have full membership rights to fitness classes such as Spinning, Pilates and Zumba.