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On Monday 25th April, we were very fortunate to welcome an alumna, Ariana Watling from @ariana_on_the_bench, and her father, who are both jewellers, to conduct a fun and informative workshop on how to make jewellery. They also spoke about sustainability, as well as foundations and careers in the Creative Industries.

'We learnt a lot about the methodologies of jewellery making and I didn't realise that such a high level of skill is required to create jewellery… the detail alone in such a small object was interesting… You can do so much with one object, it definitely made me want to explore jewellery more in the future… It made me realise how much creativity you can bring to jewellery making.

We were able to choose from a range of rings, bangles, bracelets and earrings to create a unique piece for ourselves to wear. We were able to try fusing, wielding and hammering two different patterns onto our pieces, and to finish the piece, we learnt how to buff. We were also very mesmerised with the last step of tumbling which further polished our pieces. It was a unique experience for our art class to learn how to make another form of art that we don’t usually have access to. We learnt that jewellery making was an attentive, educational and enjoyable process, enabling us to further appreciate our personal items and the narratives behind them, with significant memories attached. We also appreciated how much jewellery can give us a sense of our own individuality through the way we can customise them.' (UVI Art students)

‘I love how we can experiment with different media that are outside of our curriculum.’- Dora (UVI)

‘I like the individuality that this workshop has given us as we are able to put our own twist in the patterns of the rings.’- Adrianna (UVI)

'What I do is just based on what I feel like doing that day, it is very independent when I work, with just me and my dad in the studio. The workshops have allowed me to consider more options with my business, not just selling…I've advertised different events on my Instagram to create one-on-one and group options, as a result of coming in and doing the workshop.' - Ariana Watling (@ariana_on_the_bench)

It is a wonderful opportunity to build on our links with alumnae and gain the benefits of their experiences in the Creative Industries, opening our students’ eyes to the range of careers, issues and things to consider on potential paths ahead. It is fantastic for the pupils to learn new skills, techniques and raise their level of appreciation to a wider context whilst supporting our alumnae simultaneously.

Mrs Kimberley Appleyard Pallot, Director of Art